CRO up 4.67%, FTX up .03% After Locking in $7 Million 30-second Commercial Ads Each in This Year’s Super ‘Crypto’ Bowl February 2022

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As with each Mega advertising day (the annual ‘Super Bowl Sunday’ has arguably been the most sought after commercial advertising space in the world every year), the ‘Big Boys/Big Girls’ with their Big ad budgets, come guns ablazing!

This year is no different…. Or is it??

As you watch tonight’s game, or better yet, the celebrity A-list loaded half time show,…

I challenge you to watch how many of those soon-to-be memorable 30 seconds of commercials, are cryptocurrency space related.  🙂

Come back here and let me know. OK?

(Then let’s figure out how to get a piece of that Mega $ pie)!   Yumm, yumm  Good!

The Breakdown:

  • Super Bowl 2022 will have a large number of crypto ads.
  • FTX and have invested over $7 million per ad.
  • The championship will also take place at the SoFi Arena.


This year’s Super Bowl has turned into the ‘Crypto Bowl’ with crypto ads featuring heavily throughout the event. Super Bowl is the most-watched annual sporting event in the US. That’s why crypto exchanges and companies have spent millions to get advertisement deals this year and win over millions of views.

Major crypto exchanges like Coinbase, FTX, and are leading the advertisement board in this year’s Super Bowl. In fact, the two teams to make it to the Super Bowl, Cincinnati Bengals and The Los Angeles Rams will be playing at the SoFi stadium. SoFi is another major financial platform like Robinhood that also offers crypto buying and trading services.

FTX Trading and exchange has spent close to $7 million for each 30-second ad slot. These ads will air during the commercial breaks of the game, as well as during the highlight shows. It’s expected that more than 100 million viewers will watch the Super Bowl today. If even a fraction of these viewers joins these crypto trading platforms, it will return massive profits for the companies.


Crypto ads are soaring in the sports industry

The global crypto hype is being massively pushed into the sports industry. Sports like Football, NFL, and NBA has millions of regular viewers around the globe. Integrating into this industry is giving crypto exchanges a massive boost to bring more users into the crypto trading space.

Last year, the iconic Staples Center was renamed the Arena. FTX Trading also bought the naming rights of the American Airlines Arena in 2021, which became the FTX arena since then. Coinbase also became an official partner of the NBA recently. So, the crypto ad space has been booming in the sports industry, with more deals waiting on the horizon.


What is the Super Bowl? 

The Super Bowl might be an unfamiliar term for non-American sports fans. It’s an annual championship game to decide the champion of the NFL (National Football League). Teams compete against each other throughout the year to book a place in the Super Bowl.

It’s the second most-watched sporting event in the world, just behind the UEFA Champions League. This year’s edition will take place on Sunday the 13th of February (coincidentally,..My Birthday!)… yay me!   😉  Ha!

-Via this site:  Crypto ads are taking over the Super Bowl 2022


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