Netflix to Release 2016 Bitfinex Hack Love Story | Rise & Fall of ‘Crypto Bonnie and Clyde’ Morgan, Lichtenstein

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In what can most accurately be described as one of the most audacious, yet messy heists in the cryptosphere thus far, Netflix intends to release a tell-all documentary surrounding the rise and fall of love couple – the ‘Bonnie & Clyde of Crypto’ – Ilya Lichtenstein (34) and Heather Morgan (31).

Though undetected for almost 6 years, notoriety caught up with the brazen couple as they were detained on Tuesday, February 8, on charges of conspiring to launder 119,754 bitcoin.


The Breakdown

• American couple stole around 120 thousand BTCs from the Bitfinex Exchange in 2016.
• Netflix has the permission to document the massive crypto theft.


One of the biggest money-laundering scandals related to cryptos is set to air on the Netflix streaming server. This documentary will detail the crypto crime perpetrated on Bitfinex, a crypto exchange that lost around 120 thousand Bitcoin to hackers in 2016. The company is preparing to release a documentary about IIya Lichtenstein and Heather Morgan, the Americans who carried out the robbery.

Netflix stands out for offering the largest number of documentaries on theft, money laundering, and scams. The streaming server is trending for its movie, based on true events, about the Tinder scammer titled “The Tinder Swindler”.


Documentary about crypto theft comes to Netflix




Even though Heather Morgan and Iiya Lichtenstein’s crypto crime has been perpetuated almost six years ago, it is still gaining priority among decentralized currency fans. Heather and Iiya were arrested on February 8 after evidence was found regarding the theft.

According to reports, IIya and his wife Heather stole around 120,000 BTC from the Exchange, which by 2016 equaled about 71 million dollars.

After the theft, the couple tried to launder over 25000 BTC by passing them through several exchanges and eventually to their accounts. However, these transactions, which according to the investigators, were around two thousand operations, were detected, which led to the couple’s apprehension.

The crypto crime was so well perpetuated that the couple withdrew the money through ATMs in Bitcoin, with purchases of non-fungible tokens and with exchanges with Gift Cards from Walmart stores. The whole case has been an inspiration for Netflix, which intends to make a documentary about it.


IIya and Heather’s crypto crime hits end

Although IIya and Heather are nicknamed “Bonnie and Clyde” for their crypto crime that seemed perfect, the couple made many mistakes.

The criminals made crypto operations uncontrolled and left behind evidence of stolen money. The agents seized some 94 million BTC tokens in a wallet in the couple’s name, which represents about $3.6 billion with the price of the crypto today.




The documentary will be directed by Chris Smith, a filmmaker contributing documentaries such as The Greatest Party That Never Happened and Tiger King to the small screen.

It is presumed this documentary will be a complete success considering that the criminals lasted almost six years evading the authorities. Bitfinex never recovered from the crypto theft, and the exchange lost its reputation after it happened.


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