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If You’re Interested in Getting Published On An Exclusive Private Traffic Distribution Network of 75+ Exclusive Google News-Approved Crypto Sites For An Overnight Boost In Your Website and Project’s Rankings, Reputation & Traffic, Read On..

[This may apply to You if you have a Crypto, DeFi, Token, or NFT project you’d like more ‘crypto’ people to know about].

…Or if You provide a service that you’d like to get more crypto-specific Traffic and Eyes On.

Although crypto audiences remain suspicious of conventional advertising, marketers can still employ several effective strategies. Those in the cryptocurrency industry are more likely to engage with advertising from contextual advertising networks that display contextualized messaging and is relevant to what they’re viewing, is honest, and doesn’t utilize forms of tracking. This messaging must take into account crypto market segments and the events that continue to shape the ecosystem.

Despite easing or eliminating prior ad restrictions, paid platforms like Facebook and Google remain secondary to several alternatives. Cryptocurrency audiences have come to rely on community-based forums and direct communication to establish trust with projects and their founding teams. As such, marketers would be well-served to embrace these channels while leveraging the ethos of decentralization, also known as, “DEFI DISTRIBUTION“.


DeFi Distribution gives You a way to provide INSTANT Publicity and Exposure to ANY Crypto, DeFi, NFT, Web3, Blockchain, GameFi, or other rapidly-evolving crypto-related project(s) OVERNIGHT

As the Crypto industry has evolved and gained more mainstream media attention, it’s become essential to win Attention and Trust.

To do that, you simply MUST be publishing relevant content AND getting that timely content seen on Trusted, Authoritative sites specializing in the cryptocurrency industry.


Producing and publishing relevant and timely content is the Absolute Key Difference between projects that thrive and grow… and projects that fade into obscurity, as investors lose faith, lose trust, and sell.

Choose to get your project or service the Publicity & Exposure it needs and deserves to get seen, get noticed, and attract more attention, trust and investment or sales.

But Why Target the Cryptocurrency Niche? Aren’t we in a Slumping ‘Crypto Winter’ Bear Market Now? 🤔

*HINT:  Go Where the Money Is – Crypto is a $Trillion-Dollar Niche (and consistently growing despite the current slump).

What niche is currently worth over $1,000,000,000,000+ (one trillion dollars) and has around 300,000,000 (three hundred million) customers?

Here’s another clue:  It was worth $3 Trillion at its recent peak and just experienced its own ‘dotcombubble’ type crash…


Even After A “Dotcombubble” Style Crash – This Niche is STILL Worth Over A Trillion Dollars, Down From $3 Trillion Not Long Ago…

300,000,000 (three hundred million) customers might sound like a lot.

But it’s only a tiny fraction of the total number of customers who are yet to enter the market (and are doing so every day, as we speak).


This Trillion Dollar Industry Is Still In EARLY INFANCY – Which Means It Can Still Grow Another 50-100x In Our Lifetimes (As Many Experts Expect)

This is a niche with Universal Appeal.

The more people who enter, the more valuable it becomes.

Think about the internet back in 1999…

It was amazing even then, but only a few people used it, everyone was on dial up and services and applications were limited.


What 2 Things Do Every Crypto, DeFi, Token, Web3, Blockchain, Meta, NFT Project – Even the Services and Companies Around This Space – All NEED?


Here are a couple of recent examples…


Some people get as excited about Super Bowl Ads as they do the game itself!  With over 100 Million Viewers, you can clearly see why.


$200 Million Spent To Get In Good With Forbes!

Now we aren’t Forbes and we aren’t the Super Bowl – and we don’t need to be.

We can provide ‘mini’ publicity campaigns to any of the thousands, to millions of projects who ALL need it – including YOURS.

And when we say ‘mini’, we’re still talking $2,000 to $3,000 per campaign.

That’s how much money is flowing through this niche right now on a DAILY basis,.. and GROWING!

In fact, some people are already doing it (but on a smaller scale):


Others Are Already Providing Exposure & Publicity To Crypto Projects As A Service – But Just On A MUCH SMALLER SCALE Than Us!

Doing it our way, you’ll be making much Higher Profit Margins, delivering much Bigger Results and Scaling your Profits much Faster.

OK, Understood. So How Do You Get Publicity In Such A BIG and Busy Industry?

This is our expertise; Our “bread-and-butter”.

* is one of an established and growing Exclusive Private Traffic Distribution Network of 75+ solid Google News-Approved crypto news sites with highly specialized, pin-point targeted large loyal crypto audiences.

The Fastest way to get Exposure and Publicity in this $ Trillion-Dollar niche is to have interesting, engaging newsworthy content written about your project/website and published on industry focused news sites.

👉 This is Your Crypto Marketing Solution:

This service is the brainchild of Ampifire, one of the leading and largest digital content marketing companies in the world. Once you have selected the optimal service package for your project or service, the Ampifire Team will ask a few questions and get to work. Within a few days, the content is prepared and ready for your review and approval. Once approved, the Ampifire Team will work to get your piece immediately published. Within 36 hours your content piece will be live on a network of 75+ Exclusive Google News-Approved crypto sites. And you can continue using the service for as long as you like.


*Each of the sites in our Crypto Mega Traffic Network are Independently Owned, Strictly Vetted, Listed on Crunchbase, Trusted Authorities, Google News-Approved and Published Daily in Google News.

*Google Trusts These Sites So Much Their Content Gets Preferred Treatment.

Google will give content published on these sites more exposure than less trusted websites. Period.

This means with our service, you can start getting greater publicity in just a few hours – Overnight!

We’ll identify the highest impact opportunities for your project to make sure you get seen, get heard, win trust and make sure your project gets the recognition it deserves.

Right. So, How Does It Work?


We’ll ask a few questions about your project or service and get to work.

Within a few days, the content will be ready, you’ll be able to review and approve; and we’ll get the piece published immediately after that.

Within 36 hours that content piece will be live on our 75+ Exclusive Private Traffic Network of Google News-Approved crypto sites. 💯

We’ll repeat the process for YOU, for as long as you wish to continue receiving this exclusive, highly-targeted, explosively-growing crypto audience.

*NOTE:  The more Consistently (i.e. monthly) you publish content about your project or service, the more Significant the results will be.  We’ve created several packages to fit Your scale and budget; with Heavier discounts applied to Larger campaigns.

Click on the image below to GET STARTED:


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